Photo by James Leitner of Mission Clean Water

What a summer!  James Leitner just cut through the Colorado Rockies and has landed in Utah with 90lbs of water still in tow. He has incredible tales to tell. Keep following James and Mission Clean Water and come meet us at the Golden Gate Bridge for his arrival some time in October. www.missioncleanwater.com, mission clean water facebook group and @missioncleanh2o for Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile back at the WorldWater & Solar ranch, GlobeWater & Solar has been rocking and rolling as well. In July, James Leitner and I had the fortuitous opportunity to speak with Allison Dunne of NPR’s 51% radio program produced by WAMC’s Northeast Public Radio. What a great radio show! Be sure to follow this program for more stories dedicated to the women’s viewpoint. @51percentradio

We are slugging out logo and branding ideas and have met with a few fantastic people over the last couple of months that will lead to incredible opportunitites to bring water and power to women and girls in areas of critical need. Stay tuned for more important updates. In conjunction with WorldWater & Solar and other global water initiative groups, GlobeWater & Solar anticipates tackling a few projects in the near future for women’s empowerment programs utilizing our solar driven water pumping and purification technology for power(electricity), drinking and irrigation. Here is what we’re about:

  1. Create water and energy infrastructure through women’s entrepreneurial programs for villages in developing nations. This will assist young women and children with their education by bringing water and power to their schools (or central location) and relieve them of the arduous and time consuming task of finding and safely retrieving water for their daily usage. This program means time and power that avails these young people the ability to study in the evening when there is no light source available after dark (once chores are done). Aside from Africa and other Asian nations, these programs and initiatives also pertain to the Caribbean and the Americas where deemed a valuable resource in remote areas (Native American tribal lands) and as emergency preparedness for natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti or in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. Houston, anyone?
  2. Develop, create and distribute by women for women small power and purifications systems for personal (family) off the shelf use during a crisis and/or power outages and in remote areas (domestic US and international). Again, HOUSTON.
  3. Create water and energy infrastructure for women’s agricultural initiatives including Livestock and Farming. As a former small farmer, I know the worry behind access and retrieval to keep livestock watered.

Keep a watchful eye on us as we grow. Interested? Send me your resume — we will be ramping up and thus seeking out women engineers, business development and production personnel.

Meantime, enjoy your Labor Day holiday weekend and we’ll see you online or in the field. Or even the Golden Gate Bridge.


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