Options / Funding

Women are the water handlers of the world.

GlobeWater & Solar is presently seeking a means to help others find funds and other financial options to help pave the way to secure clean water and power for women, children and their communities. How do we help with disaster relief causes for women and their families in advance of the crisis? How do we set up and implement agriculture irrigation programs for individual households, villages, and livestock farms? Who do we involve? GlobeWater & Solar is here to devise and design programs of water and power systems that are ideally tailored for women by women. Why, who else is best to advise? Let’s continue this conversation on closing the gap to bring food, water and energy security for safe living conditions for all. Keep checking back for updates but meantime, please consider crowdfunding sites to raise money to pay for labor and materials to help us get you the clean technology that works for you — check out our affiliate WorldWater & Solar’s products page and let’s talk! Please reach out with any questions, suggestions or for further information.  ~ Carolyn

Carolyn Colella

Executive Director

GlobeWater & Solar