Mission Clean Water and its WALK across America

Let’s give them something to walk about.

It’s incredible how a young american male can be so deeply touched and thus motivated to create and raise awareness toward a just and serious cause: the need for clean, fresh water and its safe retrieval by women, children and their communities. On Wednesday, May 17, we send off James Leitner to begin his arduous task of walking across America from our WorldWater & Solar headquarters to demonstrate the difficulty of securing and carrying clean water as he totes 90lbs of water from Princeton, NJ to the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out James’ website to learn more about his mission and be sure to follow his trek @ http://missioncleanwater.com/blog.


  • Mission Clean Water launch of James Leitner’s Walk Across America
  • Wednesday, May 17 at 330 Carter Road Farmhouse, Princeton, NJ.
  • “Gates” open at 9:30am, scheduled launch of the walk is 11:30am.

Let’s give them something to walk about, indeed: Mission Clean Water walk across the USA

Please note the t-shirt: “Women and children do this every day

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