James and the Giant Bridge: Now what? !!


So. James Leitner has successfully made his way across the Continental USA. So much to say, so much to, well, no longer look forward to!  We just realized here in the office that we no longer have our friend to follow and the excitement of his wild endeavor and its imminent grand finale in Northern Cal. The end of his Walk Across America as of October 6, 2017, leaves us all with the anxious and nagging “Now what?!” kind of feel. James Leitner, on the other hand, must be a tad relieved that he safely and soundly — and sanely too! — made it to his final destination: The Golden Gate Bridge. Anyhow, James has answered the “now what?” question and plans to head back to the east coast and start anew with a job search whilst getting funds together for the building of new wells in Tanzania. Check out his website: Missioncleanwater.com and keep tabs on his post walk progress. There may be more in store!  Meanwhile, we here back at the proverbial solar/water ranch, will reflect on his journey and what is next in store with us and where we can use the talents of Mr. J.L. in our up and coming overseas adventures!! Stay tuned.

Here is a picture of James from his final steps off of the Golden Gate on October 6, 2017. And, what the heck, I am slugging in a shameless and gratuitous photo of James Leitner with my son, James Colella, when we caught up with JL early in his adventure back in May 2017 in the lovely Susquehanna river town of Towanda, PA. All of our best to James Leitner.  ~ Carolyn

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James Leitner end of the Walk Across America on the Golden Gate Bridge.

James Leitner Towanda, PA Missioncleanwater.com

Susquehanna river town of Towanda, PA. James Leitner and James Colella part ways as JL continues his Walk Across America to raise funds for wells in Tanzania. Missioncleanwater.com

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