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 Water – the source of life.  Energy – the pulse of life.  Together, they determine how we live.  I don’t believe anything will be more

important to all our lives in the 21st century than how, and how well we handle this source and this pulse,

because they are both in crisis mode. 


  — Quentin T. Kelly, CEO/Founder and Chairman of WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc.,

“The Environmental Nexus: Where Water and Solar Power Meet”, Aspatore Publications


GlobeWater & Solar Technologies


 GlobeWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. is a women’s-owned business designed to create a meaningful group of

business advisors and owners across the world to find a means to supply fresh, clean water and power to areas

in critical need. Part of the company’s mandate is to help reduce the burden of responsibility for finding and

delivering water which generally rests wholly upon the women and children of a community. Through its

partnership with affiliate WorldWater & Solar Technologies, GlobeWater & Solar acts as a developer and

integrator of proprietary solar water pumping technology to seek out, deploy and set up instant water utility

sources, all powered by the sun, without the delay of years and millions of dollars for permanent water

infrastructure projects.  With our mobile solar pumping devices, water is available within minutes.  Cleanly and

efficiently and easily retrieved.


GlobeWater & Solar

Water, Food and Energy Security for Safe Living Conditions

A solar girl powered company associated with

WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc., of

Princeton, NJ


Enter to learn more about WorldWater & Solar here: https://www.worldwatersolar.com/