GlobeWater & Solar

Malnutrition, disease, violence and poor sanitation are just part of the critical list of issues surrounding communities across the globe — much due to one precious commodity that is missing from their diet and everyday means of living: fresh, clean, accessible water.


GlobeWater & Solar was formed as a response to these critical findings and serves to seek a means to alleviate the fundamental pressures burdened most especially on women and children in developing nations and beyond to collect water for their families safely and efficiently. Lack of access to fresh, clean water creates complications with water borne illnesses and disease. There is loss of education due to the time consuming action of retrieving water which undermines the ability of communities to function and create healthy households. Through its partnership with affiliate WorldWater & Solar Technologies, GlobeWater & Solar acts as a developer and integrator of proprietary solar water pumping technology to seek out, deploy and set up instant style water utility sources, all powered by the sun, without the delay of years and millions of dollars for permanent water infrastructure projects.  With our mobile solar pumping devices, water is available within minutes.  Cleanly, efficiently and easily retrieved. According to the United Nations, involving women in the management and decision making process can substantially increase the effectiveness of water projects in securing water safely and effectively. We are here to close the gap and go directly to the source: WOMEN.


~~~ Watch our capabilities in action! ~~~


Former WorldWater & Solar Technologies Exec, Melissa Burns, describes and demonstrates the Mobile MaxPure(TM) prototype and its water pumping and purification capability while at the National Defense University during StarTides 2011. And yes, that is WorldWater’s very own tech guru, Don Burns (no relation), at the show as well.



GlobeWater & Solar Technologies

Water, Food and Energy Security for Safe Living Conditions

A solar girl powered company associated with WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc., of Princeton NJ