2017 has a BIG HEART.

Wow. Here it is Valentine's Day in 2017. Happy Valentine's Day! Today is the day to celebrate love and the joy of being loved and all that comes with it. Okay, that's sappy but I digress. This year has come quickly and we're already six weeks in and there is so much to look forward to, despite being surrounded by a wee bit of chaos. We've got International Women's Day on March 8th #BeBoldForChange, World Water Day on March 22nd #WorldWaterDay and Earth Day on April 22nd #EarthDay co-organized with the March for Science #MarchforScience. Why not take joy as to what our end of winter/upcoming spring season has to offer? Meantime, let's celebrate with some chocolate. ~ ckc

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Disaster Preparedness for ALL.

As we watch the story of Hurricane Matthew unfold this week, the thoughts of preparedness and how we are best protected as families and communities sometimes arrives at the forefront a little too late. FEMA has a great resource of how to plan for different disaster scenarios and thereby tackle the problems before they arise. Did you know that safe, clean drinking water is first on their emergency supply list for hurricanes?

Here is a link to FEMA's PreparAthon tip sheets and more for disaster response:

Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

Here's more too for the kids:

Disaster Fact Sheets for Kids- Ready Kids (English)

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Greetings from GlobeWater & Solar Technologies


This site is still in motion so please visit  WorldWater and Solar Technologies, Inc for more information on products and services. Meantime, please click around to learn more about GlobeWater and its intent: GlobeWater & Solar Technologies' Mission.

  Chasing News Behind the Scenes October 2015 015

"Farmhouse" and HQ for WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. Building has tidbits of historical significance from being used as a bunker for President Eisenhower to housing the former Bell Labs -- one of the original solar cell manufacturers working in conjunction with Corningware in Corning, NY. Was the original solar cell developed on this site? Dunno but interesting how we've circled back. Here's a fun story about the beginnings of solar technology: 


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